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2021 Mini-Sweeps

The Ohio River Sweep has switched from its large annual event to Mini-Sweeps. These smaller events allow groups of 10 or fewer to still significantly impact waterways in their community. Mini-Sweep participants choose the date and location of their Mini-Sweep and the Ohio River Sweep provides support and supplies to hold a socially-distanced clean-up event. If you are interested in organizing a Mini-Sweep, contact MSD Mini-Sweep Coordinator Rhonda Crotzer at

Past Events

Middle Fork Beargrass Creek cleanup

This FREE event is part of the 319 Grant Watershed Planning effort.

November 7, 2020

8:30 AM to noon

Click here to register!

Picking up trash along our waterways is a little thing that can make a big difference for our streams. Louisville MSD, Louisville Metro Parks and Kentucky Watershed Alliance (KWA) are hosting a “COVID-19 cautious” volunteer effort to improve water quality in the Middle Fork of Beargrass Creek.

To keep our groups to 10 or less, please register one of five locations. 

  • Cherokee Park at Lexington Road
  • Cherokee Park near Big Rock
  • Arthur K. Draut Park
  • A.B. Sawyer Park
  • Forest Green Trail

About one-third of all water that falls in the Beargrass Creek watershed lands on impervious surfaces, such as roofs and pavement—collecting toxins, pollutants, and sediments as it makes its way to the creek. Picking up trash in and around the area helps reduce pollution in our waterways.

Wear your mask and practice social distancing!



Ohio River Sweep CANCELED

Because of COVID-19, the 31st annual River Sweep scheduled for Sept. 12 has been canceled. Check back soon for information on how you can still organize and get support for small group cleanups.