MSD Board

Appointed to serve our community by the Louisville Metro Mayor, MSD’s eight-member citizen Board governs our annual budget, rates, policies and initiatives. Each member serves three-year overlapping terms and are eligible for reappointment.
Every board member is a resident of Louisville Metro and represents different State Senatorial Districts in our city, ensuring a broad-based representation for the entire community. No more than five members of the Board can be affiliated with one political party.
The Board holds a regular meeting, usually on the fourth Monday of each month. Committees meet as necessary.

Cyndi Caudill
Dan Arbough
Vice Chair
Andrew Bailey
Joyce Horton Mott
John Phelps
JT Sims
Yvonne Wells-Hatfield
Jason Williams

Board Members

State Senate Dist. Political Party Term Expires
Cyndi Caudill, Chair 38th Dem 8/31/2017
Daniel Arbough, Vice Chair 19th Ind 6/30/2018
Andrew Bailey 24th Dem 7/31/2018
Joyce Horton Mott 33rd Dem 8/31/2017
John Phelps 35th Dem 7/31/2016
JT Sims 36th Rep 7/31/2017
Yvonne Wells-Hatfield 37th Rep 6/30/2016
Jason Williams 28th Dem 2/28/2018

Attendance and Public Speaking at Board Meetings

The public is welcome to attend MSD Board meetings. They are usually held on the fourth Monday of each month at 700 W Liberty Street. For more information, see the schedule below. Open session begins at 1 PM.

To speak at the meeting, please read the Public Participation Policy and register at the front desk 10 minutes prior to the open session on the day of the meeting.

Board Meeting Schedule

For more information about our Board meetings, view our Board Meeting Schedule or our Calendar of Events.

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Current and past Board meeting agendas, minutes and summaries can be found here.

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Board Committees and Functions

The MSD Board has established the following standing committees: Audit, Customer Service, Finance, Infrastructure and Personnel. Other special committees are established by the Board Chair as necessary. The Board Chair appoints all committee members and committee chairs. Copies of MSD Board Committee minutes can be found here.

Committee Assignments as of 11/15/2016

MSD Board Member Audit Committee Customer Service Committee Finance Committee Infrastructure Committee Personnel Committee
Cyndi Caudill
MSD Board Chair
Ex Officio Ex Officio Ex Officio Ex Officio Ex Officio
Daniel Arbough
Vice Chair
Member   Chair    
Andrew Bailey   Member Member    
Joyce Horton Mott   Chair     Member
John Phelps Member     Chair  
JT Sims Chair     Member  
Jason Williams       Member Member
Yvonne Wells-Hatfield   Member Member   Chair

The defined roles and responsibilities of each of the standing committees are detailed in each committee’s charter.

Audit Committee Charter

Customer Service Committee Charter

Finance Committee Charter

Infrastructure Committee Charter

Internal Audit Committee Charter

Personnel Committee Charter


If you would like to receive notifications concerning upcoming Board Committee meetings or other Board related information, please email us at or call our Customer Relations Department at 502.587.0603.